Pulpit Minister Transition

Willie and Betty Hamblen have been a great blessing to the church at Emporia Avenue.  A little over five years ago, our congregation needed to be healed and brought back together so that we could be bound together in the work of God here in Wichita.  God blessed us with the arrival of Willie and Betty.  What began as a one year interim preaching position turned into a five year work that greatly blessed this congregation far beyond the initial goal.  Not only has Willie been our full time Pulpit Minister, he also accepted the role of Elder to help shepherd the congregation as we came together.  He has also helped strengthen the congregation spiritually with his Christian example and Bible centered teaching.  During that same time, Betty has been an invaluable member of the church.  She has worked with the ladies of the congregation where she has been a valued teacher and wonderful example of the role of a Christian woman in every aspect prescribed in the Bible.

At the beginning of the year, Willie informed the elders that he believed his work here was complete.  The original goal had been attained and the congregation had truly come together and was strong spiritually.  We, the Elders, agree that the congregation is spiritually strong and that we are going in the direction God would have us to go.  The congregation is saddened to know that Willie and Betty will be leaving our congregation but we are certain that God has more work for them to do in His Kingdom.  For that, we are overjoyed.  We bid them God speed and want them to know that they will always be a part of us and our congregation.

The transition to a new Pulpit Minister is under way and will take full effect in August when Jed Sikes will fully take over those duties on August 7th.  We are blessed to have already had Jed and his family, Leslie, Ethan and Emma, as part of our family for the past two and a half years.  Jed has been our Involvement and Youth Minister and will continue to be part of that work as we move forward.  Jed has been a wonderful addition to the work here at Emporia Avenue and we are greatly blessed that Jed has agreed to take on this new role.  Leslie has also been an asset as a Bible class teacher and helping with many of the youth and ladies activities.  We trust that we will enjoy many years of work with Jed and his family as an integral part of this congregation.  Please pray for Jed, his family and our congregation as we work together to spread God’s word in Wichita and abroad.

The Elders of Emporia Avenue