Welcome families!

Emporia Avenue is church family made up of all ages! Young and old are all welcome to fellowship and worship God together! The younger members of Emporia Avenue are highlighted below. 



Children and Youth Group

The Emporia Avenue youth participate in ministry, worship, and fellowship activities in support of the church, church families, and individual members.  They are involved in numerous activities within the congregation, including supporting and at times leading Bible classes and worship services. They also have their own dedicated Bible class times and support the congreagation in a number of capacities from media ministry to leading in the worship activities. 


Emporia Avenue children (2 years old to 6th grades) participate in many activities throughout the year, indluding:

  • Pew Packers - Children have the opportunity to participate in Pew Packers before Wednesday evening and Sunday morning  worship services. This time allows students to review Bible facts and stories, sing songs, and enjoy a time of fun and fellowship before services begin.


  • Bible classes - Emporia Avenue has weekly Bible classes for all ages from infant to adult on Wednesdays and Sundays. 


  • Vacation Bible School - Children 2 years to 6th grade learn lessons from Scripture, and enjoy activities and crafts related to the lesson for a few evenings each June. 
  • LTC and Flint Hills Christian Camp - Children 3rd grade and up also participate in LTC and camp.



The Youth group (7th to 12th grades) at Emporia Avenue is very active and participate in many activities throughout the year, indluding:

  • Bible classes - Emporia Avenue has weekly Bible classes for all ages from infant to adult on Wednesdays and Sundays. 


  • Sunday Funday - Once a month, the youth group stays after services for ministry, evangelism, devotional time, and fun activities throughout the afternoon.


  • Midwest Youth for Christ - the youth group meets monthly and travels to area congregations for activities and devotional worship time with youth from other local congregations! 
  • Vacation Bible School - The Youth Group plays a key role in VBS.  They participate in teaching and singing as well as assisting younger children in numerous roles.  
  • Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) - The LTC Convention is held in Kansas City each spring.  3rd through 12th graders participate in numerous worship and leadership events and activities with students from surrounding states. Students receive awards for their efforts and gain valuable Biblical knowledge and leadeship experience. Events include: 
    • Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz
    • Bible Reading and Public Speaking
    • Song Leading 
    • Sign Language
    • Bulleten boards, photography, and other arts. 
  • Flint Hills Christian Camp - 3rd through 12th graders spend a week each summer with church youth from several congregations.  They enjoy fellowship together as they spend time each day in study, worhsip, and fun activities.   
  • Annual Activities - Our youth group also participates in several other annual activities including additional summer activities, Fall Retreat, Christmas party and scavenger hunt, the New Year's Eve retreat at Flint Hill Christian Camp, and helping at many congregational events throughout the year.