First Edition

This will be our first e-mail that subs for the handout we have had when we met.  It will attempt to provide timely announcements and some encouragement.  If you have changes or needs for prayer that you wish others to know, let us know to include.


Communication with each other has been ongoing via the elders’ calls to each household every week and through the phone meetings like the OPEN LINE at 10:30 each Thursday a.m., as well as in the moments before the a.m. worship on the phone on Sundays at 9:30 and in the 6:00 p.m. meeting on the phone and Wednesday night studies about the names of God.  If you have not been calling in to those meetings, you would enjoy doing so and get lots of information and share in prayers too.

The sick include Howard and Joyce Botts.  Joyce spent several days in the hospital in Newton.  They both are confined at home now.  The teens and others did a drive-by visit on Thursday to encourage them and let them know they are loved. 

Betty Hamblen has been suffering from back pain for the past week.  She may be better by the time this note is released. 

Gerald Smith and Juanita Wheeler are both awaiting surgeries that are postponed until it is deemed safe to have surgery patients in the hospitals.  Others may also be awaiting medical attention.


That expression always has meaning, but right now, it may make a deeper impression.  We need to remember that :

  1. God loves us and has not left us.
  2. God does not cause things that hurt people.
  3. This will pass.
  4. Most of us will survive.
  5. The church must stand, we all are needed to do the job.
  6. Jesus is real: Our faith is not in vain.
  7. We shall overcome.
  8. This world is temporary, at best.